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Awards / Graduation

All senior awards are announced and presented at the Merkaz Graduation. 

Jack Rubin Award
Presented to a senior who exemplifies a love of Judaism, enthusiasm for learning, and an involvement in the community and Jewish life.

Rabbi Israel Stein

Awarded to a senior who is  an all around Merkaz student who juggled their busy schedule to make Merkaz and Jewish education a priority in their life.           

Stephen Howard Ravage Award
Presented to a senior girl who demonstrates a commitment to the highest values of Jewish tradition.

Moshe Chakak-Yaron Award
Presented to a senior who shows love for Jewish tradition, is athletic, and excels at Merkaz.

Elaine and Juda Chetrit Israel Award
Presented to an 11th or 12th grade student who is passionate about Israel, demonstrates a strong interest in Israel’s history, culture, and present day issues.

Sara Mass Award
Presented to a senior whose enthusiasm for learning and love of people has made a significant difference in the lives he/she has touched.

Federation for Jewish Philanthropy Young Leadership Award
Presented to a senior who exhibits leadership in the Jewish community and a strong commitment to Jewish life, helps educate and encourages others to participate in the Jewish community, and demonstrates a strong commitment to his/her Jewish identity.

Bernard Green Community Service Award
Presented to a senior who is intending to pursue his/her education, exhibits integrity and leadership, is very involved in community service, and is committed to giving back to the community.

Congregation Rodeph Sholom Holocaust Education Award

Given to a senior in excellent academic standing who has shown a strong interest in Holocaust education and carrying forward the stories of prior generations.   

David Goby Scholarship Award
Presented to a senior who exhibits leadership skills and contributes to the quality of the Merkaz learning experience. The student is actively involved in Merkaz activities that have had a significant impact on his or her life and Jewish identity.

Marjorie B. Krubiner Tikkun Olam Award
Presented to a senior who has shown leadership and has made a difference in the lives of others through political activism, raising and developing social awareness and action, and/or developing community or global Tikkun Olam projects. The student has shown continuing dedication to Tikkun Olam in the future.

The Zabin Levine Family Scholarship Award 

All students in grades 9-11 in good standing are encouraged to apply for this award, completing a short essay concerning the topics indicated by the family. All award entrees are submitted to the family for review, and winner selection. The award is a partial Merkaz tuition scholarship.

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