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A purchase with a purpose
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Want to send a special present for a birthday or Chanukah?

Want to honor someone for a milestone event, such as a Bar/Bat-Mitzvah or graduation?

Want to pay tribute to the memory of a friend or loved one?

Want to simply make a meaningful and tangible impact in the lives of others?

Tzedakah Shop provides you the opportunity to do all those things and more, choosing units of impact for wonderful charitable organizations that improve and save lives every day - our partners in Upper Fairfield County and in Afula-Gilboa, the Israeli sister region of the Southern New England Consortium (SNEC) of Jewish federations. Best of all, you get to choose the difference to make!

Browse by choosing a specific organization or shop the entire store. For each item you choose, we'll give you the option of making that item a gift or tribute. Tell us the name and email address of the person you want to honor and we'll email a certificate letting the recipient know what item you have purchased in their honor. It's that simple!

But enough of the preliminaries, click here and ENJOY SHOPPING!

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