The End of the Journey

October 10, 2017

It's 9:30 am at Kiev Airport as I await my connecting flight home to JFK.  I've been awake now for over 27 straight hours.  Having a 7:00 am flight from Odessa, I chose, instead of getting up very early to catch an Uber to the airport, to instead simply skip sleeping altogether, in the hope that would put me in a better position to sleep for most of my 11 am flight out of Kiev and begin to get my body back on schedule (not that I ever fully adjusted in the first place).


Sometimes a trip feels like it went by very quickly; sometimes it seems to take forever.  As I end my journey to Ukraine, I feel as though I have been away from home for a long time, and that it all flew by way too fast.  It's kind of like my experience with my first daughter's bat mitzvah; we planned for so long, and then all of a sudden we blinked and it was gone.


But I leave feeling incredibly grateful that I was able to take this adventure, that I was able to connect with so many of our partners in the Jewish communities of Kiev and Odessa, and, of course, that I was able to climb my family's Mount Everest, making the long journey to Obodivka to walk in the steps of my great grandparents.


There was much I didn't focus on in my blog.  I saw some beautiful cultural performances in gorgeous opera houses and theatres with so